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Tools and Services for Members

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Hive Mentality -Find the Hive Right for You

Each business partner owns a focus hive with an open invitation for you to participate on a remote international team, managed by industry leaders. Contribute your strengths, watch hives grow, and cheer on others while they tackle tasks in a fail-safe environment.

A Streamlined Digital WorkspacePowered by the Cloud

Yes, everyone has used office before, but not like this! Get access to all the tools and work directly with masters of the software. This will boost your productivity and show you how large companies can be so successful.

We are innovative with Office and you can join Hive Masters as they create artificial intelligence, Power BI dynamic charts, machine learning algorithims, or simple harmony across the entire app suite for business success.

Focus Hive has assignments, quizzes, reading material, and software all in the cloud where you really enhance your remote working experience and ability to automate redundant tasks.

Our Members are Our Best Feature

All members help each other focus and play a role in Hive growth. We attract like-minded members who explore the boundaries of the world and create an impact on civilization.

We Have Passion

Work is a lifestyle for us. We have flexible schedules, though we find satisfaction in quality crafstmanship, excellency in our products, and collaborating with those who go above and beyond to deliver amazing results.

  • - hard work is a habit, not an option
  • - we live by the Bushido Code of Ethics
  • - our commitment to results is unparalleled
  • - happiness is derived at the worksite, not on vacation
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Education is the Answer

Constantly learning new skills keeps our minds fresh and our ideas innovative. We encourage each other to challenge our understanding of the world and to start new chapters of life.

  • - excellence is reserved for those who learn many skills
  • - all ages can learn, grow, and become better versions of the self
  • - knowledge creates power and responsibility.
  • - teaching is one of the highest forms of wisdom
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We Believe in Humanity

We have faith in tomorrow. We build new dreams and are passionate for business for we know the next generation will be created by the visions we manifest today. We devote our life to our children through uplifting communities.

  • - we mold society with our collaborative nature
  • - we have a responsibility for 7 generations forward
  • - our efforts are with awareness of global impact.
  • - we believe we can make a difference.
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Worlwide Impact

We respond to social change and play our part in the social fabric of the world. Hierarchy in the hive is the only way to great achievements. We set goals larger than life that only a hive can create.

  • - our leadership is engaged and family-oriented
  • - We honor the teamwork needed and transparency on all levels.
  • - we accept the role given on each project or scenario
  • - impeccable communication is foundation of all creations
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Be Fluid Like Water

We flow with change and allow the hive to mold around situations as they unfold and as they grow. Projects and goals have a mind of their own and our hive mentality is central focus when tackling them.

  • - convey hive mentality in all aspects of our lives
  • - do not hold attachments to things outside of our control
  • - be at peace with change and forecast predictable futures
  • - flow with what is natural without fighting for success
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World Class Coaching SoftwareLife Coaching Development Tools

We provide tools, training, and an uplifting community for Startups success. The best way to achieve goals is to see their harmony and track progress. Our Personal Growth Program allows you to stay on top of your projects using Hive Mentality for guaranteed success.

  • Books to Inspire & Instruct
  • Communicate using Office 365 Platform
  • Task Management for Scattered Minds
  • Finance Organizer for Individuals
  • Chakra Alignment for Spiritual Wisdom
  • Meal Planning Software Included
  • Get motivated by the Hive
  • No Grades - we are Performance Driven
  • Created by Celebrity Life Coach
  • Build Your Resume with Industry Partners

We Create Industry Leaders with our successful recipe.

We embrace those who think and engage in deep thought in all they do. This is your safe haven to meet others who enjoy collaborating in think tanks.

At the core of success is research into the history of projects, case studies, and sacred wisdom. Part of our success recipe is using focused research.

Statistics, analysis, and pin-pointed goals are used when we set our aim. In this fashion, we can guarantee success in whatever we put our mind to.