An Innovative Solution for Teams Experience Hive Mentality

We are experts in Agile methodology, DevOps integration, the Microsoft Cloud, and culture creation. Use a new approach to project management with enterprise tools and watch your organization flourish with productivity. A Hive allows you to work with your staff all over the world with tools that keep everyone focused through streamlined agile task management. See How it Works.

Increase Team Communication

We like to see candidates blend creative thinking with the ability to communicate and articulate to development teams.

Cultivate Inspiration & Motivation

Those who utilize the design team and work well in a team environment will excel well in this program. No cowboys allowed.

Streamline Microsoft 365 Operations

We automate and streamline as much HR as possible. When you choreograph energy and social patterns, you'll get noticed.

Hives Available WorldwideWe are leaders in Multiple Industries. Discover our culture.

Focus Hive is operated by Tao Mgt in partnership with the Tao Learning Institute, a Microsoft Authorized Education Partner. We bring executive level business strategy and mix it with a fun workspace to create an upbeat, intelligent, and productive environment. We have built the culture for beautiful startups and redefined numerous Fortune 500s digital workspaces.

Learn Hive Mentality

Use our unique strategy to make best use of digital tools which blend the best aspects of organization, flexibility, and productivity. Find your Focus with members all over the world.

Build Your Own Hive

Find harmony within the chaos as you create structure around yourself and your organization. Our skills & tools create a compelling atmosphere that structures all your work and is easily accessible by your staff.

Best-Practice DevOps & ERP Platform

Our Hives are central focus for teams that need an adaptable environment with multiple branches, multiple departments, yet can still scale to enterprise needs.

Read about the Focus Hive Experiences from various members in our programs.

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Summer is branded as a time of relaxation, a time to do nothing and enjoy the peace of life. That’s what my family told me when I announced that I would be starting a remote membership.

Human Resources

I saw an membership posting for Focus Hive and decided to apply. I am so glad I did because thus far it has been one of my most productive summers yet. The flexibility offered in this membership is...

Executive Leadership

Our leadership program can be defined by our vision of seeing others as capable of anything. We inspire, motivate, and visualize our teams having succcessin whatever they do.